5 Things to Keep in Your Gym Bag

5 Things to Keep in Your Gym Bag

What to Keep in Your Gym Bag

With bikini season well under way, more people are getting motivated to pack up their best sports bras and running shoes and head to the gym. Many people view the gym as a kind of fashion show for the extremely fit and well groomed, which can add a sense of intimidation upon entering the gym doors. While it isn’t necessary to try and compete with those ripped bodybuilders and trim treadmill runners, there are a few essential items that can help you focus and get the most out of your gym time.

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While it may be the most obvious gym essential, it’s also the most important. Health professionals recommend that we drink at least 8 glasses, or 2 quarts, or half a gallon of water each day. The body loses most of its water through sweating, which is one of the main activities going on at the gym. Some gyms may have water fountains or vending machines, but it’s undoubtedly the cheaper (and more sanitary) option to bring your own bottle of water from home. Plus, you get to show off all your super cute bottles with motivational sayings on the side.

Workout Clothes

Getting in shape with a gym membership requires dedication, meaning you have to fit in a visit to the gym whenever you can. For some people, this could be before they go to work in the mornings, or after the day is done and they have some spare time. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to have a spare change of clothes in your gym bag specifically for working out and getting sweaty so that you won’t be stuck trying to lift weights in a fitted blazer and tie. There’s also nothing worse than trying to workout in clothes that don’t fit right, so make sure your gym clothes are comfortable and you can easily move around in them without having to constantly break your focus and adjust.


When asked what they would make sure they bring in their bags, most passionate gym-goers would almost immediately recommend a towel. This is because many gyms, with all their powerful equipment and machinery, do not have offer towels to their members. And while some may not find a towel necessary, it helps you get rid of the pore-clogging sweat that an intense workout inevitably brings and helps you feel even more refreshed. If your gym includes a shower, it’s probably also a good idea to bring your own towel if you plan on washing up there.


Yet another seemingly obvious gym essential, many people underestimate the importance of wearing the proper shoes when working out. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, running shoes are made for just that – running. Different activities require different kinds of shoes. If you spend a lot of time on the treadmill, you’ll probably want to invest in a sturdy pair of running shoes; shoes made specifically for running provide a better fit and are a bit more flexible than other types of athletic shoes, making them perfect for their purpose. Find a pair that best fits your gym needs, and don’t forget an extra pair of socks.

MP3 Player & Headphones

There’s nothing better than a solid, empowering workout song. Always make sure you stash away your MP3 player and earbuds into your gym bag before you head out. Listening to music while you workout can help you maintain focus, particularly if you don’t like working out. Music makes the task at hand more bearable, and in some cases, it can be very motivational. The right song, often called ‘The Power Song’ of a workout playlist, can give you that last little push you need to really get in gear and make the most of your gym time. In other words, your MP3 is a highly effective piece of gym equipment that you should definitely have on hand when getting ready to sweat.

Going to the gym can be a difficult feat made even harder without the essentials you need to make it worth the trip. But with the right gear, and a willpower like no other, you can get through that long trek on the treadmill with flying colors and take the next step towards a strong, healthy lifestyle.



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